In second week of discussion, our empowerment technology Adviser announced the final groupings for our iLS, which is making a website.  After these, Mr. Charles Gadingan discussed the assignments that he given to us. Where its all about the trends and some tips on how to be safe in the world of social media nowadays. We all know that technology is a useful tool, but many people don’t know how to use it properly which can easily become damaging. By the help of this, we can be aware and learn on how to deal with social media.


On the very 1st week of  discussion with Mr. Charles Gadingan he already talk about the history of ICT. He let us know and amaze, where and how the technologies begin and who are the people behind these, wherein he tackle if “what is ICT, the ICT here in the Philippines, Also the  famous personalities behind the ICT, The trends in ICT, And lastly online safety, security, ethics, and etiquette. Because of this I and some of my classmates  recognize if who are those famous personalities in the fild of ICT, which are, Bill Gates who introduced the microsoft, Steve Jobs who also introduced the apple. Mark Zuckerberg an American computer programmer and Internet entrepreneur. He is a co-founder of Facebook, and currently operates as its chairman and chief executive officer.  This are the some people behind the ICT. After knowing these, our Empowerment Technologies adviser, taught us the trends we’re it has a Three (3) trends. Which are, First the Convergence, second the Social media we’re social media has also have a 6 types of social media, Third the Mobile Technologies and lastly the Assistive Media. 

The first week was just a new chapter for us to gain more knowledge, also a challenge to us on how we are going to apply these lessons in real life situation. For me its a big help to us (as student) to be more familiar when it comes in technologies or some related issue about this.